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Please find below examples of the various services we can offer, please contact us to provide you with a quote for your event. Click here to download in PDF format.

Hog roast

Spit roasted locally sourced whole pig, cooked on site in our roaster (basted with apple juice to ensure you get the tastiest cracking and stuffed with fresh thyme and brambly apples), served in a selection of fresh bread rolls with homemade sage, apple and onion stuffing and cider brandy apple sauce.

North Carolina style Pulled Pork

North Carolina style slow roasted whole pig shoulders rubbed with spices, slow cooked then pulled. Served in a brioche roll with crunchy homemade coleslaw, green leaf salad and a homemade barbeque sauce.

Pulled beef

Whole beef brisket rubbed with spices, rolled, slow cooked and then pulled. Served with/in a brioche roll with homemade bourbon barbecue sauce green leaf salad and coleslaw.

Lamb roast

Spit roasted locally sourced whole lamb, cooked on site in our roaster and basted with olive oil infused with fresh garlic and rosemary, served from our roaster in fresh bread rolls with a choice mint or redcurrant jelly.

Beef roast

Spit roasted locally sourced strip loin of beef, cooked to your liking with roasted whole red onions on site in our roaster, served from our roaster in fresh bread rolls with a choice of mustards & sauces e.g. strong English Mustard and horse radish and cream sauce.

Chicken roast

Spit roasted locally sourced free range whole chickens stuffed with a filling of your choice e.g. rosemary and lemon, tarragon and fennel, cooked on site in our roaster and served in fresh bread rolls with a choice sauces e.g. tarragon mustard, apple and sage jelly, etc.


A selection of sausages (e.g. traditional, pork and apple, chipolata) and burgers (e.g. lamb and mint, traditional beef, pork and apple, chicken) from our local farm shop cooked on site on our charcoal bbq, served in fresh bread rolls with a choice of sauces e.g. spicy tomato sauce, tomato and pepper ketchup, whole grain mustard, etc.

(We can cook pretty much anything on our bbqs – spicy chicken wings, spicy bean burgers with grilled halloumi, pork kebabs, monkfish kebabs etc. Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to cook!)

The above are served from our roaster/bbq by a minimum of two chefs either outside from under our gazebo or carried inside and served. Disposable plates, napkins and wooden cutlery are included.

We can also cater for vegetarians as part of the above services e.g. salmon parcels cooked with fresh dill and lemon, field mushrooms stuffed with sweet potato and topped with goat’s cheese, red onion and pine nuts, halumi and vegetable kebabs and falafels with tahini sauce.

Roast vegetables

New potatoes roasted in olive oil with fresh garlic and rosemary.

Mixed roast root veg e.g. carrot, celeriac, beetroot and parsnip roasted in olive oil with fresh herbs.


Please see a selection of our freshly made salads below:

  • Crispy coleslaw made with a rich mayonnaise
  • Honey and whole grain mustard potato salad
  • Seasonal mixed leaf green salad with a choice of dressings
  • Roasted aubergine & pepper cous cous
  • Zesty bulgar wheat salad
  • Crunchy carrot and beetroot salad
  • Pea, broad bean mint and feta salad


Please see a selection of our freshly made desserts detailed below:

  • Seasonal fresh fruit salad
  • Strawberries, cream and meringue in an Eton mess style
  • Zesty lemon cheese cake
  • Rich chocolate cheese cake
  • Chocolate roulade
  • Raspberry meringue roulade
  • Traditional apple and blackberry crumble

Machine hire

Hog roast machine hire. Hog roast machine (cooks the whole pig in a tray rather than on a spit which avoids complications with pig turning or falling off the spit, takes the worry out of a hog roast!) delivered to site with full instructions given on cooking and serving the hog roast.

Machine hire & pig

As machine hire but includes a ready prepared pig to serve up to 200 servings.

Napkins, plates and cutlery

White linen napkins, white Dudson china plates and Jesmond cutlery for mains and desserts.


I hope the above gives you an insight into the services that we can offer, we are bespoke caterers and can of course cook a wide variety of meats and fish on our bbqs and roasters. We can also cater for smaller numbers of people as well as creating menus for a given cost per head.